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The Dark Knight Joker Heath Ledger
Hey guys i decided to go back to the Batman movies and actually make some progress in getting them to look as close as i can to the actual characters. my Heath Ledger Joker needed a complete fresh start. I used AndyWayne1203 jacket and waistcoat aswel as a couple bits n bobs of his. But all the other Jokers are all mine im really happy with the bank robber, policemen and nurse outfits i think i got em spot on even the little details r there. very happy with these updates.

Cred to one of my favourite fellow micro makers AndyWayne1203
Legacy of Live Action Batman
here is a update to my live action legacy of Batman
1943 Batman (Serial) Lewis Wilson
1949 Batman & Robin (Serial) Robert Lowery
1966 Batman (T.V. Series) Adam West
1979 Legends of The Super Heroes (T.V. Special) Adam West
1989 Batman (Movie) Michael Keaton
1992 Batman Returns (Movie) Michael Keaton
1995 Batman Forever (Movie) Val Kilmer
1995 Batman Forever (Movie) Sonar Suit Val Kilmer
1997 Batman & Robin (Movie) George Clooney
1997 Batman & Robin (Movie) Anti-Freeze Suit George Clooney
2000/2003 Onstar & Birds Of Prey (Commercial/ T.V. Series) Bruce Thomas
2003 Looney Tunes Back in Action (Movie) Bruce Thomas
2003 Return To The Batcave (Movie) Jack Brewer
2005 Batman Begins (Movie) Christian Bale
2008/12 The Dark Knight/Rises (Movie) Christian Bale
2016 Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice (Movie) Ben Affleck
2017 Justice League (Movie) Ben Affleck

every single one of these has been updated and also added some live action Batmans that ive never done before. Hope u guys enjoy


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United Kingdom
Hey guys my name is Danny im 25 years old. Im a massive comic book fan but my life is well and truly stuck in the batman universe. I love anything to do with batman movies games cartoons figures... Anything lol. Its all good, even the worst batman stuff is great to me lol. I've been heavy in the dcu since about 2005. I was a comic book fan as a kid and growing up in 90's ment I watched every animated show going from BTAS to FF lol I loved them all. I stopped reading comics around the late 90's as I was getting older my interests changed and WWF was hot with the rise of the now proclaimed attitude era. Well that was it I was going to be a wrestler, I achieved that dream now I am a wrestler but not only am I a wrestler but my character is based on the joker im called mr.j (ask if U wana c proof). So in 2005 with Batman Begins well n truly on its way out it perked my comic book interest so that was me well n truly back in the dc universe. Im still here to this day.
hey guys ive done this as a blog to get the best help, as more people will more then likely see it. now ive deleted 2 folders my "old nolanverse" and my "old burtonverse" how to get these back ???? as u can see ive put some old micros on my featured page but that was only while i moved everything around. But i did delete those 2 folders how do i find them??

also i wanted to changed the main pic on my folders like for example if i had a Batman movie folder how do i get a image of i dont know the tdk logo or 89 logo. again please help me.


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